Les Fleurs du Mal

Les Fleurs du mal (French pronunciation: [le fl dy mal]; English: The Flowers of Evil) is a volume of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire.
Les Fleurs du mal includes nearly all of Baudelaire’s poetry, written starting in 1840 and ending with his death in August 1867. First published in 1857, it was important in the symbolist and modernist movements. It was considered extremely controversial upon publication, and six of the poems were censored due to their immorality; however, it is now considered to be a major work of French poetry. The poems in Les Fleurs du mal frequently break with tradition, using suggestive images and unusual forms. The poems deal with themes relating to decadence and eroticism, particularly focusing on suffering and its relationship to the original sin, disgust toward evil and oneself, obsession with death, and aspiration toward an ideal world. Les Fleurs du mal was highly influential toward several notable French poets, including Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, and Stphane Mallarm.


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by Charles Baudelaire