Main Street

Main Street is a metonym used to denote a primary retail street of a village, town or small city in many parts of the world. It is usually a focal point for shops and retailers in the central business district, and is most often used in reference to retailing and socializing.
The term is commonly used in Ireland, Scotland, the United States, Canada, and less often in Australia and New Zealand. In the non-Scottish regions of the United Kingdom, the common description is High Street, though “Fore Street” or “Front Street” is commonplace in some parts. In Jamaica the term is Front Street. In the 1950s awareness about the main street as a concept of its own importance emerged in the urban studies field, attaining the attention in the theoretical discussions of postmodern urban design, neo-traditional planning and meta-urbanism.In many places, the street name for such a street is actually “Main Street”, though even where it isn’t the actual name, “Main street” is still used to describe the main thoroughfare of the central business district. The “Main Street of America” branding was used to promote U.S. Route 66 in its heyday.


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by Sinclair Lewis