D. J. Waldie

D. J. Waldie (Donald J. Waldie) is an American essayist, memoirist, translator, and editor who also is the former Deputy City Manager of Lakewood, California.
Although best known for Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir (1996 and 2005, W. W. Norton), Waldie also is regarded as a thoughtful observer of Los Angeles’ history, politics, and culture. “Nobody ‘sees’ L.A. with more eloquence than D. J. Waldie,” noted Susan Brenneman, Los Angeles Times Deputy Op-Ed Editor, in May 2014. And “Waldie … is one of the writers responsible for developing a Southern California aesthetic in which what’s most vivid about the place is everything we might take for granted somewhere else,” said David Ulin, book critic of the Los Angeles Times in April 2014.


Works by D. J. Waldie: