Louis de Rouvroy

Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon,¬†GE¬†(16 January 1675¬†‚Äď 2 March 1755), was a French soldier,¬†diplomat, and¬†memoirist.¬†He was born in¬†Paris¬†at the H√ītel Selvois, 6 rue Taranne (demolished in 1876 to make way for the¬†Boulevard Saint-Germain). The family’s ducal peerage (duch√©-pairie), granted in 1635 to his father¬†Claude de Rouvroy¬†(1608‚Äď1693), served as both perspective and theme in Saint-Simon’s life and writings. He was the second and last¬†Duke of Saint-Simon.

Source: Wikipedia

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