Jan Morris

(Catharine) Jan Morris (born James Humphry Morris; 2 October 1926 20 November 2020) was a Welsh historian, author and travel writer. She was known particularly for the Pax Britannica trilogy (19681978), a history of the British Empire, and for portraits of cities, including Oxford, Venice, Trieste, Hong Kong, and New York City. She published under her birth name, James, until 1972, when she had gender reassignment surgery after transitioning from male to female.
As James Morris, she was a member of the 1953 British Mount Everest expedition, which made the first ascent of the mountain. She was the only journalist to accompany the expedition, climbing with the team to a camp at 22,000 feet, and using a prearranged code to send news of the successful ascent, which was announced in The Times on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.


Works by Jan Morris: